After numerous Altcoins have recorded new all-time highs in the last few days, now Ethereum seems to give it a go, breaking the $ 1000 mark this morning around 6am. The third largest cryptocurrency will start bullishly into the new year.

The tremendous increases of Bitcoin in the last year have not been continued to the same extent since the launch of Bitcoin Futures at CME on 18.12.2017. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin price is at a very high level if we compare the value of today’s Bitcoin (around € 13,300) with last year of January (€ 770).

Ethereum, the third largest cryptocurrency, started a new rally yesterday and reached a new all-time high. The market capitalization rose to over 100 billion US dollars and the magic limit of $ 1000 could be broken for the first time. Currently, the Ether price is just under € 827 per token, more than € 800 higher than in January 2017.

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This dizzyingly high price increase shows how much potential there is in  Ethereum . One of the most important updates to the Ethereum Blockchain, namely the activation of plasma, is still pending and could also have positive effects on the course in the future.

The plasma update will enable thousands of transactions per second to solve the scaling problem already faced by Ethereum in the past. Plasma makes it possible to process larger amounts of data and to significantly improve the blockchain in terms of speed.

IOTA announces partnership with ITIC

The IOTA Foundation announced yesterday on its official blog that Joachim Taiber could be won over as an official new partner of the International Transportaion Innovation Center (ITIC) Foundation for future collaboration.

The joint project will deepen the development of autonomous cars in a “Smart City”. Here, the technology of IOTA should help especially in a pilot project to determine which conditions must be met, so that autonomously driving cars, for example, can charge completely independently without the human being having to intervene.

To create a fully automated and sustainable mobility ecosystem with maximum security through the worldwide use of the intelligent mobility applications of the Open-Souce Protocol and the IOTA Data Marketplace.

This will allow IOTA to gain another partner to test the promising technology of the Tangle Protocol and the Data Marketplace. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen to what extent the technology developed by IOTA can actually be applied in practice. The following months will definitely be exciting to watch and also set the direction for IOTA in 2018.

The IOTA-rate shows, meanwhile, the message currently still unfazed and continues to move sideways with a value of € 3.25.

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