The financial data firm Bloomberg added three new cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ether), Ripple(XRP) and Litecoin , along with bitcoin in its terminal service.

According to a Fortune report, sources said that the addition of the new price data is aimed at forex traders looking to explore the new instruments.

They also suggested that data from the Bloomberg terminal for the new cryptocurrencies are being provided by the Bitstamp exchange, based in Luxembourg.

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In April 2014, Bloomberg opened the prices of bitcoins to its Bloomberg Professional service, and in June of that year it was revealed that the data came from the itBit exchange.

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The move comes amid sharp rises in the prices of many alternative cryptocurrencies, or Altcoins, along with the increase in bitcoin prices. Just yesterday, Ripple’s XRP token hit a record close to 90 cents, while Ether and Litecoin also reached new highs last week.

Bloomberg Terminal provides subscribers with real-time financial data and allows them to place trades on an e-commerce platform. The system also presents news and message options.

Will it impact the price of the Ripple?

There should not be an impact really, if we take into account that Bloomberg only adds financial data, although if it gives more credibility to the project and therefore indirectly there may be greater public confidence.

At this moment the Ripple has a price of $ 0.77 even on the way to reach $ 1, although it has been close to the goal, we would expect this weekend to have an increase in the price – although after having been in the $ 0.81 low to $ 0.77 is something that tells us that it would hardly reach $ 1 today.

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