Triples your business in our country and installs its global customer support center.

Eulerian Technologies , a company specialized in real-time data analysis for eCommerce and online marketing campaigns, announces the reinforcement of its activities in Spain, where its sales grew by more than 200% in 2016. As part of its expansion strategy in our country, the company has installed in Madrid its global support center for international clients , from which it will serve more than 40 companies.

” Our results, confirmed by a similar trend in the first half of 2017, demonstrate not only the acceptance and evaluation of our technology among Spanish companies, but also the high degree of maturity of the online sector, and above all the eCommerce boom in Spain , currently the fourth European market, “says Pierre Saisset, CEO of Eulerian Technologies for Spain . And he says: ” Our commitment to the Spanish market and our growth in sales and customers means that we have decided to locate in Madrid the center from which we will serve more than 40 international companies, which every day must face more complex orders and the most decisive time for your business “.

At the international level, Eulerian Technologies reached a turnover of 6.3 million euros in 2016 , representing a 30% growth over the previous year. Of this volume, 15% will be reinvested in R & D & I. By country, 85% of sales corresponded to France, 10% to Spain and 5% to North America, where the company opened a subsidiary last year, specifically in Montreal, Canada.

Currently, Eulerian works with 150 clients worldwide, and analyzes more than 800 websites in 35 countries. In terms of Big Data, these operations represent a volume of 60,000 million data per month for those customers. To do this, Eulerian has three datacenters, two in Paris one in Philadelphia, USA, for the American market.

Increase in capital

Earlier this year, Eulerian Technologies announced a capital increase , with the addition to its Board of Directors of ISAI Gestión, a French investment fund, and a contribution through bonds from ISATIS Capital, the French management company. This expansion is an additional financing of five million euros, which the company is using to finance its organic growth, strengthen its investment in R & D and support team, and strengthen its efforts at the international level, mainly in Spain and Canada.