The new edition of this event organized by the Eurecat technology center will take place on November 29 in Barcelona.

On Wednesday, November 29, the Imagina Auditorium in Barcelona will host the eighth edition of the Eurecat Mobile Forum congress , organized by the Eurecat technology center.

And what will be its theme? In the first place, the topic of Blockchain technology will be discussed , its implications for the business and financial world, as well as the social consequences.

“The Blockchain technology is not new, but its relevance and potential have been increased by the increasingly common use of cryptocurrencies,” says Mario Reyes, head of research at IT Security at Eurecat, who points out that “the social revolution and of business that we are living is based on technologies such as the Blockchain, not centralized, consensual and more transparent “.

On the other hand, the director of IT Security of Eurecat, Juan Caubet, emphasizes that Blockchain “opens the door to models of distributed, open and secure information”.

In this new edition of the Eurecat Mobile Forum, the legal, cybersecurity and technical challenges posed by the digital revolution will also be discussed . And finally, there will be interventions dedicated to Fintech .