A study reveals that there are already 2.370 million LTE connections globally, a total of 878 million have been added in the last year.

The deployment of LTE technology has accelerated in the last year. As is clear from a study by British consultancy Ovum, the number of LTE connections increased by 59% in the last 12 months .

With this momentum there are already 2.370 million connections, he says.

The market share of this technology compared to others is already 30%, which is an increase of 10 percentage points compared to the figures that the consultant handled a year ago.

“LTE subscriptions grew by 878 million worldwide from the second quarter of 2016 to the second quarter of 2017,” said Kristin Paulin, senior analyst at the company. ” China is by far the main contributor.”

Experts expect that by 2021 there will be a total of 4.8 billion connections worldwide, including M2M connections, favored by the explosion of the Internet of Things. The share of LTE will then be 53% compared to other technologies.

With respect to 5G, it is expected that there will be 111 million connections in 4 years.

5G, a slow start

A recent Gartner report found that 75% of companies are willing to invest more in 5G capabilities . Although they are willing to pay more, the truth is that they are not yet clear whether the technology will allow them to save costs or increase revenues.

The main use that companies intend to give to 5G is the deployment of IoT projects.

According to the consultancy , by 2020 only 3% of cloud service providers with networks will have deployed 5G networks commercially.