In addition to the new iPhone 8, it is expected that there will be news about Apple Watch, Apple TV and an extra smartphone.

Next Tuesday, September 12, comes as every year, almost as surely as autumn, a new Apple event. It is the occasion in which the company of Cupertino usually take the opportunity to present a new iPhone (sometimes they do in the event of June) and one of the most technological dates expected of the year. The rumor machine is often put to work as soon as invitations are received and this occasion has been no exception.

This year, moreover, is special: it is ten years since the launch of the first iPhone . For this reason, the company is expected to have some kind of tribute kept up its sleeve and, who knows, maybe some surprise that has not been leaked. But better to start with what is known (or what would be a big surprise and disappointment that did not happen): it will be the day the new iPhone 8 is introduced, but there could be some confusion as there will be more than a new iPhone.

Not one, but three new phones are expected . The most important, which will be its new flagship phone, is called the iPhone 8 , but it is not known whether that will be the denomination chosen by Apple. It could also be iPhone X, iPhone Pro or iPhone Edition. As for what really matters, its specs, it talks about an edge-to-edge OLED screen, a 3D face scanner, wireless charging and the disappearance of the home button.

As for the other two iPhones, it will be the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus, in which, as always in the S versions, there are no big news. It will be simply the classic acutalizations and improvements in subjects such as the camera, memory or power. It would, in fact, be the only thing that Apple would update in the event, were it not because the tenth anniversary of the phone makes something special necessary, which is why the iPhone 8 is expected.

Apple Watch, Apple TV and software updates

As for the rest, will be the usual: updates of existing products, but no new release really. There will be a new version of Apple Watch, whose main novelty will be the inclusion of LTE connectivity, which will make the iPhone not necessary for many tasks for which it now is (calls, SMS, streaming music …). Also, expect to see a preview of what will be watchOS 4.

There will also be new developments in the field of television, as Tim Cook himself advanced in June. Which will be? Rumors point to a new processor capable of streaming video in 4k , which will make the gadget something more competitive; In addition, as announced by the company’s CEO in June, the Amazon Prime Video app will hit the Apple TV at some point in the year.

There are more products that could have something of protagonism: the HomePod, the speaker whose launch is scheduled for December, could be shown again; plus, perhaps, the new iMac Pro and Mac Pro.

As always, there will be time for some software: the most important will be the arrival of iOS 11 , which is rumored to greatly increase the productivity of the iPad. With this new version will also arrive ARKit, a platform for augmented reality apps that will also allow developers to create 3D and AR applications quickly and easily.