You are testing a dedicated WhatsApp button on the main Facebook application for Android, which acts as a shortcut.

The purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook three years ago may end up leading to the integration of the social network and messaging platform. Facebook is testing a new WhatsApp button in its main application.

According to TNW , several users have shown images of a dedicated WhatsApp button on the main Android Facebook application. When you click on it, the button acts as a shortcut , opening WhatsApp without having to leave the Facebook app.

In principle, this button would be part of a Facebook test to give WhatsApp a prominent role in its main application. This dedicated button can be found in the menu area . At the moment, only users in the control group can see it at the top, just below their name.

The shortcut is currently being tested on the Android version of the app, but could also be available to some iOS users . The first user to reveal it to TNW, Arvind Iyer, explained that the WhatsApp button appeared after changing the language setting from Facebook to Danish. This is not surprising given that the company has previously chosen Denmark for other limited launches.

Remember that this is not the first time that Facebook experiences with the integration of its subsidiaries in the main application. In fact, it was testing a similar shortcut for Instagram earlier this month. And in 2015, experimented with a WhatsApp submit button on the Facebook application so users could quickly share their photos and posts with their contacts, but this feature never became available to all users of the official application.