As a result of the acquisition, the software offers for which Confirm was known have been canceled.

Confirm has made it public . Facebook has decided to buy this company that is dedicated to issues of identity authentication.

For this, it has developed APIs and SDKs for the mobile. Not in vain, its mission during these last years has been to establish itself as a platform of trust on which third parties such as multifactor verification services could advance their proposals.

“Now , ” according to explain those responsible on their website, “we are ready to take the next step on our way with Facebook.”

In his opinion, this acquisition “is the culmination of three years of hard work building technology that will keep people safe and secure online . 

Although it has not been revealed exactly what will be Confirm’s mission within Facebook, it is known that this movement supposes the end of its products as they were known . Your current authentication software offers have been canceled.