The team of the new installation will be dedicated, among others, to projects of systems of dialogue and reinforced learning.

Facebook has in artificial intelligence one of its axes of investigation, through the Facebook AI Research or FAIR , its scientific arm centered in the subject, that counts on a team of more than 100 scientists specialized in IA distributed by its centers of Menlo Park , New York and Paris. These are now joined by a laboratory in Montreal , which the company has introduced just a few days ago.

According to Yann LeCun, chief scientist in AI of the company, the center will work a team of scientists and engineers, who will develop several research projects on the subject. Among the many aspects of the technology to be investigated are two that stand out: reinforced learning and systems of dialogue .

These two elements have recently been topical , precisely because of a FAIR research into bot training for trading.

The Montreal laboratory will be led by Professor Joelle Pineau. Pineau will combine this task with his work at McGill University, where he co-chairs the Laboratory of Reasoning and Learning. According to Bloomberg , Pineau will be in charge of an initial team of 10 researchers, with the ambition of extending it to over thirty in the course of the next year.

Facebook will invest about 5.7 million dollars to develop its presence in Montreal. The developer of the popular social network has also announced new partnerships with various institutions in Canada to work in various fields of artificial intelligence.