The social network seeks to include songs in videos that hang on the platform, without having to suspend them for infringing rights.

It is well known Facebook’s bet on the video. The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg potentiates the audiovisual contents, facilitating the retransmisión in streaming. In addition, in recent times has launched its own section, Facebook Watch , with which it wants to provide a programming grid so that users can access program and series contents, but also for other users and businesses to create and share their own videos.

In this line, Facebook would be planning a move to prevent banning or suspending videos for copyright infringement, by using a song for which royalties are to be paid. According to news reports from the Bloomberg news agency , Facebook has offered hundreds of millions of dollars to record labels , seeking to make it possible for social network users to use songs in uploaded videos.

The parties appear to have been in talks for months to try to solve the problem of economic rights. Facebook would have promised to develop a system or algorithm that identifies the contents in which music is used without having previously paid the rights. But the implementation of this tool would take at least two years.

With a financial agreement allowing the use of songs without infringing any copyright, the parties would opt for a short-term solution to these problems. The agency points out that this is not a particularly beneficial but necessary solution, since the use of musical material without payment of licenses is a trend that is far from disappearing, thus saving the resources of having to identify cases of bad use.

The problem of attribution due to songs and their use in videos without payment of rights of means is not exclusive of Facebook. Before other platforms have suffered, including YouTube, against which the music industry has a long history of disputes on intellectual property issues.