Juniper Research estimates that $ 800 million will be spent on CAD or computer aided diagnostic systems in 2022.

The artificial intelligence has important stories to write over the next few years as it matures.

Experts hope to see improvements in different areas thanks to this technology, including the health sector. According to Juniper Research, for example, the implications of intelligence in health care will lead to faster and more accurate diagnoses . And in the end will reduce the pressure on doctors.

In particular, easy-to-use and accurate computer aided (CAD) systems are expected . The annual expenditure on these systems is expected to reach 800 million in 2022 . And is that, despite there are more use cases such as chatbots , the study of symptoms, the analysis of notes in electronic health records or the interpretation of genomic data, artificial intelligence for CAD systems stands out. Juniper Research believes it will save $ 126 million in cost over the next five years to front-line CAD systems.

Of course, there are also obstacles to overcome . Artificial intelligence still has to earn the trust of humans . Analysts advise companies involved in this innovation to adopt independent verifications and a high level of commitment.