In addition, now the private Mozilla browser also allows the engine of any web with a search field to be added to the application.

Mozilla has announced a new update of Firefox Focus , which is aimed at personalizing navigation without harming the subject of privacy.

On the one hand, Firefox Focus now includes a quick access to the web pages most visitedby users. In particular, Internet users who use this browser can add to their personal list of autocomplete in the application those sites with which they are usually related, so that, by writing a few letters, the autocomplete function will deliver the required content.

From Mozilla explain that the user, and only the user, can see the URLs of the websites included in the autocomplete list.

On the other hand, with that same spirit of delivering information quickly and in a personalized way, Firefox Focus will allow adding any search engine to the application , beyond the engines that are already suggested to explore. This is compatible with any web that incorporates a search field .