Priced at $ 299.95, the Fittone Ionic incorporates an improved battery and fitness functions, and debuts the Fitbit OS operating system.

After being overtaken by Xiaomi, the leading manufacturer of wearables Fitbit has redoubled its bet with Ionic , its new smartwatch. The Fitbit Ionic offers built-in GPS, a new race detection system that automatically records that activity and automatically tracks sleep, as do other Fitbit devices, blurring the line between a smartwatch and a fitness bracelet. It will cost $ 299.95.

As for software, the Ionic runs a new operating system, Fitbit OS , which will become the core of their future smart watches. According to The Verge , Fitbit OS will offer full support for third-party applications, leveraging the legacy of the late Pebble wearable manufacturer, which it acquired last December.

The applications for Ionic be consolidated in a new section of the menu called Fitbit App Gallery. This will be available at the launch of select applications, before it opens to third-party developers. In addition, users can upload content directly from private links.

The company has also introduced the Coin based Fitbit Pay payment platform , which enables payments via NFC using the smart clock, even without the need for a phone. The list of companies associated with Fitbit Pay will include numerous credit cards, such as Amex, MasterCard and Visa.

The battery life is another aspect where Fitbit is trying to differentiate itself from competitors like Apple or Garmin: with more than four days duration or up to 10 hours if using GPS, it certainly offers impressive autonomy.

Regarding the design , the Ionic is mainly functional. It looks and feels clearly like a device designed with utility in mind, and it’s hard to imagine it put on a formal event, unlike Apple Watch or Moto 360.

Like the Apple smartwatch, the Ionic uses a patented belt mechanism , so the buyer will be limited to the straps offered by Fitbit. At the moment, it is possible to acquire a sports belt of $ 29.95 or a leather for $ 59.95.