Focusing efforts on preventing attacks before they occur will protect the weakest points of the organization.

September and the return to the routine is already a reality. Renewed energies during holidays can be used to undertake entrepreneurship or company renovation projects. One of those tasks is to improve the computer security of the company that every day is faced with more elaborate attack. not to be lost in the world of malware or ransomware, international cybersecurity solutions company Check Point has made a list of five simple steps to shield company data and documents against any attack.

Mobile security

A company’s smartphones and tablets are one of the easiest access points for cybercriminals. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute estimates that each infected cell phone costs the company an average of 9,000 euros. To protect these devices, which increasingly have access to business data, protection must be multi-layered, which means not simply protecting the operating system, but also the apps, networks and even the sms. The known, unknown and zero-day threats that attack laptops and desktop computers adapt to add to their list of casualties to smartphones and tablets. Comprehensive security solutions for mobile devices, as well as endpoint cybersecurity systems, must be capable of fighting fake applications, Trojans, network attacks, malware, configuration changes and system crashes.

Protect against unknown malware

According to Check Point’s latest Security Report, organizations download malicious software more than 900 times every hour through spam, spear-phishing emails and infected web sites. This is because hackers specialize in slightly modifying existing malware so that they can break through standard barriers. For its part, ransomware penetrates the macros included in attachments with small lines of code, which download the malware without attracting attention.
To protect the company from this, antiviruses must be complemented with advanced cybersecurity solutions, which not only search for known threats but also analyze the behavior and origin of malicious content in order to block it.

Protect the cloud

Just as smartphones and tablets have more access each day to sensitive information of the company, the cloud environments are becoming more important in the technological ecosystem of the companies for what they constitute a perfect gateway for the cybercriminals.

In these virtualized environments up to 80% of the traffic is produced internally between applications and various sectors of the network, a percentage that never crosses the protection perimeters. Therefore, Check Point is committed to micro-segmentation to protect the indispensable applications and data hosted in the cloud . This technology logically groups different areas of the network, workloads and applications, and isolates them from each other with strict security controls.

Prevent better than cure

Waiting to detect the threat when it is already on the network means exposing the company. New generation prevention solutions are able to do away with new and unknown malware variants . They use advanced sandboxing to create a secure virtual ecosystem that simulates an endpoint and blocks infected files before they enter the network.

Recent large-scale DDoS attacks using the IoT have highlighted the importance of protecting smart devices. From Check Point they remember that a detection strategy can allow the access to the company to an infection originated in a smart TV, however the prevention protects to the weakest points of the organization, reason why it is essential to avoid threats in first place.

Raise awareness

The last point that Check Point recommends to reinforce the company’s cybersecurity is to make employees aware of responsible use of the company’s computer resources. Cyber ​​attacks such as spear-phishing can get employees to share credentials and personal data . Once passwords are obtained, access to social networks can be total, as these assaults occur at all levels, such as the so-called “whaling” that focus the attack on high-level executives, and all this without leaving a trace .