Flexera signed an agreement to acquire the data company BDNA, for an undisclosed sum.

The software company ensures that the acquisition provides you with the “largest, most accurate and up-to-date” technology asset data platform for your enterprise decision-making software solutions He added that the purchase will also allow the creation of a large platform of technological asset data, transforming how the software is bought, sold, managed and secured. ” Flexera and BDNA understand better than anyone the key role of intelligence in supporting assets to executive decision, “said Jim Ryan, CEO of Flexera.

“We have built our business on a database, both of which combine rich and rich technology asset data with the best automation and analysis in its class,” said Ryan. “We both solve the most complicated software and hardware management problems facing organizations.

“As a result of this acquisition, Flexera will have the largest decision support data repository available to any organization running commercial and open source software, including applications that power IoT devices,” he said.

Ryan said the merger of the two companies will provide a shared vision of how technology asset data can transform the software industry.

“Software applications are essential tools to help companies solve business problems, but it’s the data used by those applications that ultimately make up the software ecosystem.” Flexera now has a specific security-related database with software and devices.

“Even if an organization has invested in a Software Asset Management (SAM), Open Source or Security not developed by Flexera , our software and hardware asset data will drastically increase the ROI the organization will get from its investment,” he said.

President of ANDI, Walker White, said equipment data ANDI and Flexera are unrivaled, ” We could not be happier to join Flexera. We have a shared vision to reimagine the supply chain software today and expand it in the future”.