VMware Cloud technology partners at AWS enable customers to deploy the same solutions transparently in both the public and private cloud.

Fortinet today announced that its FortiGate Virtual Machine (VM) is available to VMware Cloudcustomers on AWS . Fortigate’s virtualized security provides secure application mobility, and the establishment of policies consistent with hybrid enterprise clouds.

Fortinet’s virtualized security solutions have been available for a long time to global companies and service providers running VMware vSphere, providing visibility of east-west traffic in virtualized data centers and private clouds.

With FortiGate VM for VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations can take their local network to AWS by enjoying secure VPN connectivity and having the visibility provided by Fortinet’s Security Fabric architecture for application mobility. Also, organizations ensure that an application running on vSphere applies the same security policy across the hybrid cloud, regardless of whether the application is in-house or in VMware Cloud on AWS, providing adequate segmentation of users and data between clouds.

VMware simplifies deployment and eliminates the need for partners to adapt their VMware Cloud solutions to AWS. If a partner solution works on-premise in a VMware vSphere environment, it will also support VMware Cloud in AWS. L os VMware technology partners complement and enhance the VMware Cloud on AWS and allow customers to deploy new capabilities.

John Maddison, senior vice president of products and solutions at Fortinet, said: “Enterprises are increasingly embracing hybrid cloud architectures, integrating private on-premises clouds along with advanced public cloud resources to leverage scalability and performance, with more reason to secure the environment is a priority. VMware’s long-standing relationship with Fortinet providing security in virtual environments for software-defined data centers is now extended to VMware Cloud customers at AWS to provide the security, visibility and segmentation capabilities required to seamlessly migrate to hybrid cloud environments “.

“VMware Cloud at AWS offers customers a hybrid cloud proposal seamlessly integrated with the private cloud leader’s SDDC experience running on a public cloud provider, AWS,” said Mark Lohmeyer, Vice President, Cloud Platforms Business Unit in VMware . ” Solutions like FortiGate VM enable IT professionals to reduce costs and increase efficiency and consistency in a cloud environment . We are delighted to be working with a partner like Fortinet on enhancing the capabilities of our VMware Cloud in AWS to provide customers with the flexibility and solutions that enable them to drive their business. ”