The Japanese giant brings together partners and customers in the German city to show its entire portfolio of products and services.

Fujitsu today opens its most important European event, Fujitsu Forum 2017. For this edition, which hopes to attract more than 12,000 attendees, the Japanese company has chosen Human Centric Innovation, Digital Co-creation as its motto .

And certainly this has been one of the concepts in which the main executives of the firm have placed more emphasis. Co-creation means innovation ; always in the hands of the client. An enriching exercise with which all win. Something like the creation of a community in a more technological sense, although … with profit motive.

Of course, when a product is developed (see solution, service) together with the client, who has the exclusivity over it? An insightful journalist has asked during the intervention of Duncan Tait, Fujitsu’s heavyweight. “Sometimes benefits are shared with the end customer,” he explained, although this is not the only model, he said without wanting to give more details.

Tait, Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP and responsible for the Americas region and Fujitsu EMEIA, has stated that the co-creation approach “will increasingly become a business standard of an emerging digital society.” This is one of the strategic pillars of the firm: “Create a new value together with our customers and partners”.

With the view on the perimeter

Further away from meta-strategic terms, Tait has listed the four business areas in which Fujitsu puts the accent: Cloud , IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

The bet of the Japanese giant on cloud is the hybrid model. His proposal in this sense is Cloud Service K5 , a platform that is already available in the UK, Finland, Germany, North America and Spain. With the intention of fulfilling the EU regulatory requirements (including GDPR), it also offers new dedicated private storage capabilities for local data hosting, also for private and public environments.

On IoT, Fujitsu believes that data processing at the end will be ‘the next big thing’. Fujitsu Intelliedge is the renewed brand with which the company is introduced to the Industry 4.0 market and which is based on learning from the cloud and Artificial Intelligence. The managed platform collects and controls the behavior of large volumes of data generated by sensors in industrial contexts between the perimeter network and the cloud.

Of course, an Internet of Things project can not be understood without security guarantees. As a letter of presentation of its muscle in this segment, Fujitsu has announced its participation in a European project on diagnosis and minimization of risks of perimeter security. Funded by the EU, Fujitsu is one of 14 partners that will co-create (an omnipresent and multi-purpose concept) solutions dedicated to protecting systems, assets and users.

Security is something that every company that is going to be digitized must take very seriously, Duncan Tait has defended. The executive has also revealed that Fujitsu will invest more in centers dedicated to cybersecurity, also in Spain.

Finally, Tait believes that artificial intelligence can not be understood without IoT, just as IoT can not be understood without big data . The corporation sees enormous potential in this segment and already has important projects deployed.

And it is not a question of the future, Tait emphasizes. It’s happening. ” There is nothing artificial in artificial intelligence, “