ETERNUS CS200c S4 favors the full view of structured and unstructured data stored both in installations and in the cloud.

Fujitsu has introduced an integrated data protection device that, he explains, serves businesses of all sizes in the digital era.

It is the ETERNUS CS200c S4 with Commvault Data Platform for physical, virtual and cloud environments .

This solution aims to simplify both the protection and the management of data in business applications, virtualized infrastructures, converging and hyperconverging. It also promises business continuity by combining Fujitsu hardware with Commvault management software in a single backup unit.

“Leveraging the main management solution and leading data protection market, this appliance consolidates protection and data compliance and discovery operations data in a single solution , providing organizations with a comprehensive view of personal data stored , whether they are structured or unstructured, in the facilities or in the cloud, “they say from Fujitsu.

Other benefits would have to do with efficiency, RGPD compliance and the reduction of complexity and cost as multi-point solutions are not needed.

The device is sent preconfigured for direct deployment with implementation times of 30 minutes. You can make backup copies in the cloud, disk or tape.