The G-Steel B100, which is charged with sunlight, allows modifying the functions of time, time zone, alarms and timers from the mobile.

The legendary watch brand Casio has been innovating lately in this market. With his model Edifice, he raised the idea of ​​an analog clock that is connected to the mobile phone and can be configured automatically in any time zone. A line of connected watches that continues with the G-Steel B100 smartwatch .

The new Casio G-Steel B100 is a slim and robust smart watch with a multilayer architecture designed to look good and withstand heavy use. Almost all the functions of the watch are modified from the mobile phone: time, time zone, alarms and timers .

When we want to change the time zones , we just have to open the application and configure it in the desired way. You can even toggle between the current time zone and a second zone instantly, according to TechCrunch .

A small sphere below 12 shows the current day of the week and the activity of the functions, while the 6 o’clock sphere shows a second time zone. There is also a date window at 5.

The watch also has a “find phone” function that allows you to activate your mobile phone. In addition, it is connected to several atomic clocks through the Internet, which guarantees that it never goes out of sync. Finally, it includes an LED light in the lower part of the sphere that illuminates quite well. It is charged with sunlight through the front glass.

And that’s all. The G-Steel B100 does not count steps or monitor sleep or have other functions of the wearables. Its strong point is to be able to change between time zones without problems, together with its simplicity.