Whether due to lack of advanced knowledge or budget, the advances in IA and Machine Learning are not available to anyone. Google wants to eliminate this barrier with its new service.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the launch of Google Cloud AutoML , Alphabet’s new family of services to democratize the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning models .

It comes precisely to break a barrier present in those organizations that do not have the necessary resources to incorporate IA into their products and services.

Everyone is currently talking about these models and how they can help any type of organization, but implementing them correctly is only available to a few: specialized professionals are needed , such as data scientists, developers, mathematicians, researchers … but also have high budgets to deal with such projects.

In 2017, Google launched Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine , aimed at advanced users, with experience in these issues. With these tools they could generate machine learning models very easily, but you had to know how to do it. It has also been launching previously trained models (through APIs) of machine learning , but in the end they are limited to carry out specific tasks and can not be applied to all areas.

This is where Google Cloud AutoML comes into play , the next step of the Internet giant to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to all companies. As they explained during the virtual press conference, Cloud AutoML will help them to create their own personalized and high quality models, based exactly on the products or information they handle . And they can do it through an extremely simple interface, without the need to write a single line of code.

To make matters worse, it will also help experts to accelerate their work and increase their productivity by allowing them to focus on other, more complex tasks.

The new Google service will soon become a family, as the company plans to launch other functionalities with the passage of time . At the moment the announced Google Cloud AutoML Vision , the first version, focused on the recognition of images.

The objective is that any organization can drag and drop their photographs to load them in the system and train and manage ML models, so that they are classified efficiently. Once the models and this classification are generated, they can easily be installed in Google Cloud and associate them with the services that each company has.

Taken into practice, an e-commerce store can implement these models in its portal for users to quickly locate the product they are looking for based on their color, shape or other attributes that have been defined . The idea is to facilitate the user experience and combine these models with searches based on filters that are already in operation.

Google Cloud AutoML Vision is now available for your use and can be tested for free through this link . As we say, this is only the first of several tools that the company will launch during the coming months. We will be attentive to your news.