Google Drive users have three months to install Backup and Sync, the application that replaces it, with the same features but more files.

The Google Drive desktop app has its days counted. Google announced yesterday that it will stop supporting Drive for PC and Mac on December 11 and will shut it down completely on March 12, 2018 , reports CNET .

Those who used Google Drive to synchronize files on their PCs and phones, now have three months to install the new application that replaces Drive. This is Backup and Sync, which was released last month and does the same functions but with more files.

Thus, Backup and Sync extends the approach to file storage on your PC and phone. The new approach allows Google software to synchronize files stored on the desktop or in document folders and also make all photos part of Google Photos.

In addition, Google offers G Suite users a new feature called Drive File Stream , which allows them to view files placed in the cloud in the desktop file browser as if they were stored on their hard drive. The idea, which incorporates Dropbox, is to make it easy to access all of our files without having to take up space on the disk.

The new backup and synchronization application reflects the growing importance of cloud-based services. Google Drive users now have the option to upgrade to Backup and Sync or later.