The giant has presented this measure to mitigate major damages after the 2.4 billion euro sanction of the European Commission.

Earlier this summer, Google received a major blow: the European Union decided to penalize the giant , through the Competition Commission, with a fine of 2.420 million euros on the understanding that it had incurred abuse of dominant position with its sales tool. In particular, the Commission understood that Google had favored Shopping over other online sales alternatives. In September it was known that the Alphabet subsidiary would  appeal  the penalty.

Regardless of the outcome of this latest maneuver, the company would have decided to avoid such a situation in the future. According to information provided by Reuters , Google has put forward a bidding system of spaces in its ecommerce tool, which would allow rival websites to access positions in Shopping .

The proposal, sent to the European Commission on August 29, states that the search giant would allow its direct competitors to bid for its sales section. According to the sources of the agency, this measure has not received in principle a good reception by the competition , which strike as inadequate. Google would have scored four or five of its rivals on the issue, receiving a mostly negative response.

The EU’s top official, Margrethe Vestager, has explained to several reporters at a rally in Washington that it is too early to know what will happen if Google’s proposal will be accepted. ” Obviously, market reactions will be one of the things we will consider, ” he concluded, implying that poor response from rivals could undermine the options of this new measure of the Mountain View giant.

Three years ago, the company made a similar proposal, which at the time was partly dismissed also by the discontent of its competitors.