They sign a four-year agreement, open to other entities, to act in the field of training for employment and continuing education.

Google Spain and the Secretary of State for the Information Society and Digital Agenda (Sesiad) today signed a collaboration agreement , which is also joined by the National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain (Incibe) and

The objective is to work together to carry out actions of digital training and training of professionals in information technologies and digital economy. These skills and competences should respond to the growing demand for professional profiles that drive the digital transformation of Spanish companies.

The agreement is for a four-year duration , extendable to four others, and is open to the incorporation of other public and private institutions and companies that share their digital training objectives.

Google Spain and the Digital Agenda Secretariat will act in the field of training for employment and continuing professional and university training. Among the activities planned are communication and awareness-raising about the desirability of training in the digital field, the definition and development of MOOCs related to the digital economy, and the initiation of initiatives that promote the skills and competencies that will define the professions of the future.

From the Secretary of State for the Digital Agenda they emphasize that “this collaboration aims to progress in the achievement of an advanced digital society, in which the majority of the citizens and the professionals use of the habitual way the digital technologies and benefit from the opportunities that they provide “. Google Spain already has experience in this field, since in 2014 launched the Activate program for the training of young people in digital competitions.