The Mountian View company is launching an ambitious mobile payment application in Asia.

Google has just launched in India its new mobile payments application Tez , a move that the company seeks to increase its revenues in a country that has more than 300 million smartphone users.

The application allows users to associate their bank accounts with the platform Tez, so that they can pay instantly in stores, as well as make money transfers at the time .

In order to use the application Indian users need to provide their mobile number and the identity of their bank , since the bank sends an SMS message to carry out the verification, collected in Mashable .

The money transfer is simple, since it is enough that the recipient is in the user’s contact list, and both have the app installed.

The decision to launch Tez allows Google to differentiate itself from Apple Pay, since while the latter works with the user’s credit or debit card, in Tez smartphones are linked to the bank account .

Of course, it is necessary to specify that there is a limit of 1 million rupees (about 1,560 dollars), in the transactions that can be done every day.