Of the 2.53% of quota that had at the end of July has passed to 3.37% at the end of August.

Something has changed during the month of August in the desktop operating systemmarket .

According to the Net Applications count , Linux has exceeded 3% of quota . The 2.53% that had at the end of July has gone to 3.37% .

This puts it ahead of some version of Windows, such as Windows 8 and its 1.35%, and near the latest version of macOS, which is macOS 10.12 (3.59%). Of course, it is still far from alternatives such as Windows 7, which is the absolute leader in the desktop with almost half the market, Windows 10 or even Windows XP.

Last year at this time, the share of Linux was 2.11% . And this year had fallen below 2%, specifically in the month of May.