Analysts call EOS a potential competitor to the broadcast. For two and a half months, it grew by more than 300% (and the air – by 160%). We tell how to get this altcoyin.

What is EOS?

EOS is a multi-purpose platform, which many analysts consider a potential competitor to  Ethereum .Like Ethereum, EOS will support decentralized applications ( Dapps ). Unlike traditional computer programs, Dapps do not work on any particular server, but exist in a decentralized peer-to-peer network.Such applications can directly connect users with service providers, without the need to involve intermediaries.

EOS creator Dan Larimer, also known as co-founder of BitShares and Steemit, hopes that his platform will be more scalable and flexible than Ethereum, which will simplify the creation of decentralized applications. The developers argue that the EOS network will not have transaction charges, and the volume of transactions can reach several million per second.

Nevertheless, the project is still at an early stage of development – even a prototype of the product is not ready.

EOS is financed by the sale of tokens. At the same time, the EOS proposal is unique in its own way: within a year, a billion ERC-20 tokens will be distributed. In other words, everyone will have an equal chance of acquiring them.

1. Start a  purse  for EOS

Currently, no wallet supports EOS officially, but the platform uses the ERC-20 standard, which means that, theoretically, EOS can be stored in any purse that is compatible with ERC-20. There are several types of such wallets.

Desktop applications

Among the most popular desktop purses for EOS can be identified  Jaxx  and  Exodus  – versatile wallets available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Jaxx is also available on Android and iOS.

Both purses have built-in support for ShapeShift, which allows you to quickly and easily exchange the crypto currency.

Hardware Wallets

To store ERC-20 tokens, you can use Ledger Nano S  and  Trezor hardware wallets  if you pre-configure the MyEtherWallet interface for them  .

Wallets Edger and Trezor are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Such devices are considered safer than most other types of purses.

Web Wallets

Perhaps the best choice for storing your EOS tokens is the MyEtherWallet wallet. Unlike many online purses, it is based on open source software and allows you to store the crypto currency on your own computer, rather than on the company’s servers. This function makes MyEtherWallet much safer than most web wallets.

Mobile Wallets

As we have already noted, the Jaxx wallet is also available for mobile devices. In other words, you can store ERC-20 tokens on an Android or iOS device. Jaxx supports a lot of crypto currency and has an intuitive interface that makes it especially suitable for beginners.

2. Select a stock exchange to buy EOS

EOS tokens are available on many major crypto-exchange exchanges, so their purchase should not cause you problems. Here is the list of the most popular ones.


Launched in 2017, the Binance platform   quickly became one of the most popular crypto-exchangemarkets . It hosts dozens of altcoys, including EOS tokens. Unfortunately, you can replenish your account with Binance only with a crypto currency, which may not always be convenient. However, the platform makes it easy to exchange EOS for BTC and ETH.


Like Binance,  Kraken  allows you to exchange BTC and ETH for EOS, but the platform itself offers slightly more flexible terms. For example, you can replenish your account in EUR, USD, JPY and CAD.

Kraken is known for the relative simplicity of registration and relatively low  commissions . Nevertheless, the platform sometimes runs slowly under increased load.


HitBTC  is a European currency exchange offering a variety of crypto-currencies, including EOS. Users can replenish their account in dollars or  euros . Although the exchange is easy to use, its reputation is far from flawless: many argue that HitBTC lacks transparency. As in the case of any unregulated market, the investor should exercise reasonable care.


All other exchanges on this list require registration, but  ShapeShift  does not ask users for any personal data. In addition, the platform allows you to exchange on EOS a lot of different crypto currency.ShapeShift commissions are quite high, but this is a small price for such a level of convenience and confidentiality.


Bithumb  is one of the largest exchanges in South Korea and the record holder for EOS trading volumes.Alas, if you are not in South Korea, this is hardly the best option for you: the exchange accepts only Korean won. The exchange is relatively simple and has little to offer for advanced  traders .


Bitfinex  is one of the few exchanges directly exchanging EOS and USD, which provides it with a rather high popularity. However, the complex interface makes it not the most convenient platform for beginners.


Unlike  bitcoin , at the moment, EOS is almost impossible to buy for cash. The situation may change when the EOS platform is launched. However, you can always buy bitcoins on  LocalBitcoins , and then exchange them for EOS on any major exchange. Alas, this process can be more complicated than we would like.

Credit card

Very few exchanges allow you to pay with credit or debit cards. It is best to use Coinbase  or  CEX.IO for this purpose  . In addition, you can purchase another credit card with a credit or debit card (for example, bitcoin or ether), and then exchange it for EOS through  Changelly .


Pay for the purchase of EOS with PayPal is not possible, but the same principle applies here as for credit cards: you can always buy another crypto currency and exchange it for EOS. To do this, you can choose LocalBitcoins and  VirWOX . Exchange of Crypto-currency on EOS is also better done through Changelly, because such exchanges are impossible on these exchanges.

3. Translate EOS tokens into your wallet

Remember: never leave your tokens on the exchange. If you use one of the above platforms to purchase EOS, do not forget to bring the tokens to your personal wallet. This will allow you to save your money if the exchange is broken or goes bankrupt.