In Spain, the smartphone will eventually become the most common viewing device.

Half of the television and video content that will be consumed in Spain in three years , in 2020, will be viewed from a mobile screen .

This is established by a study by Ericsson (its eighth annual report on television consumption), which explains that this means a threefold increase in mobile consumption compared to 2010.

Although 54% of the viewing will correspond to traditional or linear television, it is noteworthy that the other 46% will be viewed on demand . In fact, it is estimated that in 2020 only 9% of the spectators will be spectators “of armchair”.

Ericsson also reveals that the smartphone will eventually become the most common device for viewing.

Another booming trend has to do with virtual reality , which in 2020 should be used by 3 out of 10 Spanish users.