Ethereum is not allowed to extract with ASIC

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is resistant to ASIC; that is to say, you can not extract it with any ASIC, it is extracted with graphic cards, for that reason it is so popular in the community of miners.

And many have already begun to extract cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum is one of the most popular for mining. But, why are people investing so much in mining this cryptocurrency? Well maybe because Ethereum is among the best and most promising cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2018

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The best graphic cards for Ethereum mining

We must make sure to buy the correct graphic card. We do not want to end up extracting Ethereum at very low levels of hashrates.

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What are the best graphics cards to mine Ethereum? What graphic cards should I use? Well, I’m currently using Nvidia GTX 1070 – Why? For two reasons:

  • They are excellent for cryptocurrency mining, mainly Ethereum and Zcash.
  • They also produce a good hashrate of 31 MH / s with a single card.

In addition, you can easily resell these cards in the future at an excellent price.

Let’s see an illustrative chart


You can clearly see that the GTX 1070 stands out in MH / s. A GTX 1070 consumes 150W of power. Therefore, it is currently the best Ethereum mining card that we will use in this project.

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How to build a Ethereum mining rig of 6 GPU 2018

Our ETH mining rig will consist of:

  • Graphic card.
  • Processor.
  • RAM.
  • Power supply unit.
  • Motherboard (motherboard or motherboard).
  • Housing for the rig.
  • Power cable for PC.
  • Storage.

Each piece of hardware is listed below. Assembling them is simple:


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As we are assembling the 6 ETH GPU mining equipment, you will need 6 of them. If you have a small budget, you can always start with 4 of them and increase them periodically.

The GTX 1070 uses 150W of power, it is excellent.

Each graphic card will have an output of 32 Mh / s. Then, with 6 of them, you will have – 32 x 6 = 192 Mh / s.

Also, if you use the GTX 1070 to extract Zcash you will get 450 sol / s. that is, if you think you can not extract Ethereum at a certain time, you can change periodically.

This EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 in particular comes with 8GB GDDR5 memory and has 2 fans to keep the graphics card fresh.

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MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4

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We are going to need a correct motherboard. Then, we have to choose a motherboard that can support 6 GPU. Then we go with the MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4.

This motherboard is compatible with 6 GPU and can be connected to the GPU through RISERS.

This motherboard supports DDR4 RAM and is good for use with the Intel processor with the LGA 1151 connector.

The motherboard is the base of your mining equipment, everything you are going to build depends on your motherboard (motherboard).

PCI-E 16x to 1x Risers

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You must connect your GTX 1070 graphics card in the correct way. You can connect all your GPUs through RISERS. It is a small cable, where the GPU is connected at one end and the other end is on the motherboard.

You need 6 of them since we will join 6 GPUs. You can find Risers at very low cost. Make sure you buy them with other hardware components so that the shipping price will yield.

Ballistix Sport LT 4GB Single DDR4 RAM

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The MSI Pro Intel Z270 DDR4 series supports DDR4 RAM. The reason why we go with 4GB of RAM is that RAM does not play a major role in the efficiency of your cryptocurrency mining.

If you add 8GB of RAM, the output would be the same as using 4GB. Therefore, if you want to save money it is advisable to buy the 4 GB.

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Intel Celeron processor

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You will need a processor to liven up your mining rig. But why Celeron and why not a higher-end processor like i3, i5, i7?

What you should know is that we will do GPU mining, not CPU mining. We just need our processor to run the software and the rest of the mining process will be carried by the Graphic Cards.

Celeron is a good processor. We are using Celeron 7th, Gen, since it fits into our mining motherboard that has an LGA 1151 socket.

SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB

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Since I am building new cryptocurrency mining platforms , I include SSD instead of HDD. The reason is that SSDs are fast and, when using SSD, it would increase the transfer speed and decrease the time. Also other things that I think about SSD are: they consume less energy and also, if you are starting your mining equipment, the starting time is reduced, to start mining as soon as possible.

The SSD that is a bit more expensive than HDD. You do not have to buy any 240 GB or greater SSD; with a 120 GB SSD is enough. The only thing that will be executed in the SSD will be the OS, the controllers and the mining software.

EVGA SuperNOVA 1200W Platinium

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It is often difficult to select the required power source. The most advisable thing is that you select a source of power with which you will only use 80% of the total you need. That 20% left over is like a security guarantee.

For example, if you need approximately 1000W of power, do not go to buy 1000W of PSU, but rather buy 1200W of PSU.

By doing so, you will be on the safest side, to avoid “situations.”

Then, let’s calculate to determine our required power supply:

  • 1 GPU consumes = 150W of power; then, 6 GPU consumes -6 X 150 = 900 W of power.
  • In addition, the motherboard, CPU, SSD, etc. They can consume 200 W of power.
  • Then, using 1200W PSU will be good.

ATX Power switch

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Aha, how are you supposed to turn on this mining rig? Here we do not have any ATX case and there is no button to turn on. For this we have then to buy an ATX Power Switch.

The ATX Power Switch is just a cable that will connect to the motherboard and another end of the cable acts with a button to start and shut down the system.

This is one of the smallest components. Whenever you buy this component, buy it with other components as well, taking advantage of the purchase, handling and shipping costs.

Mining Rig Open Air Frame

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You will need a mining frame, open, that allows a good air flow.

Many build their own cryptocurrency mining frame. Make sure everything fits well. Consider the space required for the GPU, motherboard, SSD, PSU, etc.

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Choosing your operating system for now may not be difficult. If you are familiar with Windows, you can use Windows. Linux is also excellent as it will reduce costs.

But especially if you are going to use this mining platform to extract Ethereum, you can do it with ETHOS.


With this Ethereum miner, and if the price of Ethereum stays above $ 750, you can extract more than $ 500 per month.

This Ethereum mining rig has updated configuration and will be able to perform well in 2018.

Now, an additional fact: many expert miners when they generate Ethereum do not sell it immediately, they wait until Ethereum prices have gone up. That way, our investment returns are fulfilled faster.

Also, always remember that when you invest in a mining platform, you do not lose money. You are not spending, but you are investing and earning money.

By taking the right decisions you can earn even more money. When you activate a mining platform, you can extract as much as you can. But when the time comes that you do not want to continue mining, you can always resell and there are hundreds of potential customers who will buy your platform. The graphics cards can be resold very easily.

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