Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a cryptocurrency that started in 2017 as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, but has been independent since then. In block 491407, Bitcoin Gold miners began to create blocks with a new working test algorithm, which caused a bifurcation of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The fundamental change in Bitcoin Gold is the choice of a different hash algorithm that makes proof of work more difficult for ASICs. This is achieved when a hash algorithm requires more memory (RAM) to complete.

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The current chain of Bitcoin blocks driven by ASICs uses a hash algorithm known as SHA-256 for its work test. The founders of Bitcoin Gold have proposed changing that algorithm to another known as Equihash . Equihash was developed as an algorithm resistant to ASIC processing, and has already seen the success of other cryptocurrencies, the most famous of which is Zcash.

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Zcash, ZenCash, Komodo, BitcoinZ and Zclassic are some of the cryptocurrencies based on the Equihash algorithm that are easily extractable through the use of GPUs. AMD and Nvidia are the two brands of graphics processing with which we can now work this algorithm.

Ultimately, the switch to Equihash makes Bitcoin mining more distributed, and that is really the main change that Bitcoin Gold proposes for the network.

But what does all this mean? Basically Bitcoin Gold mining can be done through the use of regular graphic cards, and here we explain step by step how to do it.

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For the execution of this tutorial, we will assume that you have chosen the pool.goldmining pool , which has its own preconfigured mining clients for Bitcoin Gold. If you want more information about this pool , you can visit its official site by clicking here:


  • An AMD Polaris / NVIDIA Pascal graphics card
  • The latest graphics drivers available
  • Windows 7 x64 or higher
  • A Bitcoin Gold wallet or wallet address.

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Optimal configuration of mining

Based on expert opinions, we believe that this is the best possible configuration for mining Bitcoin Gold and other cryptocurrencies based on the Equihash algorithm (December 2017):

* To calculate the total energy consumption of the equipment use the Outervision online watt calculator:

Create a BTG wallet address

We need a Bitcoin Gold wallet to receive the rewards for each mined block. In this case we have chosen Coinomi , a light, safe and cross-platform wallet that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Coinomi supports different cryptoactives, such as Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash and Zcash, among others.

Our first step will be to install the Coinomi wallet for Android from Google Play , or from its official site .

Open the application to create a new account:


Save the recovery phrase (we do not show it here for obvious reasons) and click on next to continue:


Confirm the recovery phrase by choosing the correct word order:


Set a secure password for your wallet:


To finish, select Bitcoin Gold in the list of Coinomi compatible cryptocurrencies:


With this we have finished configuring our Bitcoin Gold wallet, now from the main page of the application select the “receive” tab:


Copy your Bitcoin Gold wallet address and save it to your PC, as we will need it later to configure the mining client.

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Once we have created our BTG wallet address, the next step will be to download the appropriate mining client. For this, we have chosen the clients of mining EWBF Cuda Miner (for graphics cards Nvidia Geforce) and Claymore BTG Miner (for graphics cards AMD Radeon).

Configuration of EWBF Cuda Miner (Nvidia)

Go to and download the latest version of the EWBF mining client. (

Open the .ZIP file that you just downloaded and extract the ” BTG-nVidia.miner.0.3.4b” folder on your computer’s C drive (C: /BTG-nVidia.miner.0.3.4b).

Next, you must configure the start.bat file by placing the server in the mining pool (in this case “”), your Bitcoin Gold wallet address, a name for the worker (for example “MyWorker”, ” digitalbodha”, etc, without spaces) and the default server port for (3044).

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Open the file start.bat with the notebook. you should see something like this

miner --server --userGSrP5KGxrgBXV1kQkAPy2g3fmgcUeoESMw.MyWorker --pass x --port 3044

  • We are going to use the server that is established by default (indicated in green). Depending on your geographic location, you can use,,, and to mine.
  • Replace the BTG address that comes by default (indicated in red) with your Bitcoin Gold wallet address.
  • Replace MyWorke r with a name for your worker.
  • The default port in is 3044 . (leave it intact or place it in case it is not specified)

Once you have finished, save the file and run start.bat to start mining. Congratulations! You are already mining Bitcoin Gold.

Configuration of Claymore BTG Miner (AMD)

Go to  and download the latest version of the Claymore BTG Miner mining client. (Claymore.s.BTG.AMD.GPU.Miner.v12.6)

Open the .ZIP file you just downloaded and extract the ” Claymore.s.BTG.AMD.GPU.Miner.v12.6 ” folder on your computer’s C drive (C: /Claymore.s.BTG.AMD.GPU .Miner.v12.6)

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We will have to configure the file config.txt by placing the mining pool server (, the server port (3044) and your Bitcoin Gold wallet address, followed by a name for the worker (for example) MyWorker1 “,” digitalbodha “, etc, without spaces).

Open the file config.txt with the notebook . You should see something like this:

-zwal GSrP5KGxrgBXV1kQkAPy2g3fmgcUeoESMw.worker
-zpsw z
-ftime 1
-i 6
-tt 75
-allpools 1

  • We are going to use the server   that is established by default, (indicated in green) in the default port of ( 3044 ). Depending on your geographic location, you can use,,, and to mine.
  • Replace the BTG address that comes by default (indicated in red) with your Bitcoin Gold wallet address.
  • Replace ” worke r” with a proper name for your worker.

Once you have finished, save the file and run start.bat to start mining. Congratulations! You are already mining Bitcoin Gold.

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Checking the mining statistics

Once we have started to mine, we can verify that everything works correctly by entering our Bitcoin Gold wallet address in the website.

To do this, go to and place your Bitcoin Gold wallet address in the central search box (where it says “Address”), and then click on the “Lookup” button.

If everything works properly, a page will be loaded with the latest statistics of your mining rig, mining time, hashrate, income, etc.

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As you can see, this is one of the simplest forms currently available to mine Bitcoin Gold. If you prefer an even simpler method, probably your best option is the MinerGate mining  client  ( This program is quite lightweight, has an intuitive graphical interface, and has some interesting advanced features, such as automatically undermining the most profitable cryptocurrency of the moment.