Digibyte is a very fast crytomoneda related to the world of video games. It is a currency at the moment cheap and easy to undermine. In this tutorial I will show you how to mine it (in Windows 10) using a Nvidia GPU or video card (in my case, the GTX 760).

Step 1

We will join a “mining pool” (mining group). There are several “mining pools” … in my case, my preference is https://dgb.miningfield.com/

Register and make sure you already have a Digibyte digital wallet (they will ask you for the shipping address). If you do not have one, you can download one here: https://digibyte.co/digibyte-wallets

Step 2

We will go to “my worker” to create a worker

Enter the username and password of your choice

Step 3

download the miner: https://github.com/tpruvot/ccminer/releases

  • Extract the zip in a new folder

Step 4

Edit the CCMiner config file

  • We will edit some lines

  • the line “something”: “decred”, will be changed to “something”: “skein”,


The URL will be changed to any of your preferences that appear on the dgb.miningfield.com page

  • Example:


Finally we will change the line of the “user” and the “pass”

the “user” is the username of your dbg.miningfield.com account (in step 1) plus the name of the worker you created (in step 2)

  • Example: ticopurelife.steemit

ticopurelife would be the account and steemit would be the name of the worker

the “pass” is the key of your worker (in step 2)

  • Example


Step 5

Open the CCminer application

If everything goes well, the MH / S and the blocks will appear.

I hope to bring you more tutorials like this … Thanks!