By 2017, experts predict declines in revenue. But to what extent? And what will happen in years to come?

Now that roaming has come to an end in Europe, one wonders how it will affect the change of scenery to the incomes of companies.

According to Juniper Research predictions, in 2017 there will be an overall fall of 11% in data revenues . This fall is a result of Roam Like at Home and includes a decline of no less than 46% in Western Europe.

Anyway, this consultant says that in later years the revenues will grow. In fact, of the $ 21 billion expected for international roaming mobile data by 2017, it will reach $ 31 billion in 2022.

Mean data usage will also grow , which by 2020 should already be above 1 GB. “There is very little room for improvement in voice roaming in terms of increasing the scale of revenue,” says researcher Nitin Bhas. “However,” he continues , “with the data, coupled with the possibility of offering customized and contextual roaming packages and services , the cost per MB is expected to decrease significantly in most regions”, which will “encourage roamers of ‘no data’ to become active roamers “.

Thus, the average use of data roaming , which is now about 500 MB per user per year, will grow to almost 1.6 GB in 2022.