CTP is a consulting company specializing in migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The purchase is designed to provide the technology giant with enhancements to its hybrid IT advisory capabilities . CTP, founded in 2010 and headquartered in the United States is targeting companies moving to cloud platforms through AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and OpenStack. In addition, it is a core partner of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), along with silver-level competencies in Microsoft Azure.

“Consulting, design and operation of CTP consulting for cloud environments will strengthen our experience in hybrid IT consulting in a rapidly growing market,” said HPE Pointnext senior vice president and general manager Ana Pinczuk. “More and more, customers are looking for a trusted advisor who knows where the market is going, and can shape their long-term road map and provide the solutions that will allow them to keep pace in this digital world.

HPE and CTP will offer their customers a comprehensive IT strategy that includes private, managed and public clouds as well as traditional IT.

“Together with CTP, we will provide customers with the ability to more quickly create innovative new digital experiences, simply manage and forecast IT costs and ensure that the applications that run their business remain secure,” added Pinczuk.

Designed to serve an expanding hybrid IT market, HPE Pointnext is a service organization designed to provide strategic guidance for specific cloud migration businesses.

“Uniquely, HPE provided us with the opportunity to maintain our industry-recognized brand and rapidly scale through new revenue streams, new markets, larger and more diverse business accounts and additional human capital,” said the president and CEO of CTP, Chris Greendale.