The new helmet introduces a 78% improvement in terms of resolution compared to the previous model.

HTC is one of the technology companies that are betting decidedly on virtual reality (VR), through HTC VIVE .

And that bet has been noticed at CES 2018, where VIVE Pro has been presented .

VIVE Pro is a hardware update that focuses on the viewing and audio needs of those experiencing virtual reality. “There is a clear need in the RV market for a superior RV experience with a high resolution screen, integrated audio and the best components available today in a helmet,” says Daniel O’Brien, GM of VIVE in the United States. . “VIVE Pro,” he says, “offers an immediate update for both RV enthusiasts and companies that want to use the best RV experience.”

This device comes with dual OLED displays for 2,880 × 1,600 resolution, which would mean an increase of 78% compared to the current HMD VIVE. Its managers promise greater clarity for texts, graphics and experience in general.

In the part of the headphones there is a built-in amplifier to increase the feeling of presence. The dual microphones actively cancel the noise and the dual front cameras aim to enhance creativity.

Another advantage would be changes in the belt in favor of comfort and ergonomics.

Beyond the new VIVE Pro, VIVE Wireless Adapter has been announced and improvements in the relationship with the content through VIVEPORT VR and VIVE Video , which integrates material from Vimeo.