The move will precede the disclosure of “important information” about the company tomorrow. HTC has already worked with Google on making the Nexus 9.

The Taiwanese company HTC will suspend trading of its shares tomorrow at the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE, the Taipei Stock Exchange). A measure that will precede the disclosure of “important information” about the company, according to a story initially published by the Financial Times .

The suspension of HTC shares adds credibility to rumors of acquisition by Google , which began circulating earlier this month. The sale of HTC could be that great announcementtomorrow. Evan Blass says he has sent a copy of an internal HTC invitation to his employees for a meeting tomorrow, which apparently includes the “Google acquisition” as one of the topics.

The possible sale of HTC’s mobile division would close a long agony for the device maker , which has been struggling for a long time to try to turn its downward path in the smartphone market, which was one day a leading brand .

In recent years, quarterly losses have become the norm for HTC , which registered its first red numbers in the third quarter of 2013. Despite the management changes, to cut its catalog and to push a new category of products (VR, Valve), the company has been unable to get their business out of the doldrums.

In this scenario, several recent press reports had linked Google’s parent company Alphabet with a possible acquisition of HTC’s mobile business . A note on the HTC investor website refers to speculation that “HTC could announce the sale to Google,” although the company says it “does not comment on market rumors or speculation.”

If Google is really willing to take over HTC’s smartphone division, it would not be the first time it tries to rescue one of its OEMs in the Android market. The US company acquired Motorola Mobility in 2011, which later sold to Lenovo in 2014 maintaining “the vast majority” of Motorola’s patent portfolio.

If confirmed the purchase by Google, would be good news for both HTC and fans of Google smartphones. Despite its poor financial and sales performance, the Asian company knows how to make good hardware and has had some brilliant ideas in the past, such as the U11 and Live VR. And he had already collaborated with Google on making the Nexus 9 tablet in 2014.