Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has agreed to build a 43-kilometer hyperloop line connecting the cities of Vijaywada and Amarvati.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies ( HTT ), the rival Californian startup of Hyperloop One, has signed an agreement to develop this ultra-fast mode of transportation in India .

According to Engadget , the company has agreed with the Economic Development Board of the state of Andhra Pradesh – located in southeastern India – to build a hyperloop lineconnecting the cities of Vijaywada and Amarvati, 43 km apart.

The two parties have signed a memorandum of understanding, giving HTT the freedom to investigate possible routes for the system. The initial phase, where the route will be planned, will last six months, after which construction is expected to start.

Taking into account the distance between the two cities, travel times would be very small. With the current means, one arrives from Vijaywada to Amaravati in about 70 minutes, but the company directed by Dirk Ahlborn states that this time can be reduced to only six minutes when the new line is finished.

The agreement is structured as a public-private partnership , in which it has not revealed how much money and what advantages the US company will receive. The statement announcing the agreement mentions, explicitly, that most of the money will come “mainly from private investors.”

If the construction is complete, the line between Amarvati and Vijaywada could be the first hyperloop plot we see built and the first in the world to come online. This could provide, in addition to an economic boost for the region, a useful test field for a country that has a deep link with transport infrastructure, especially railways.