It has surpassed in world sales in both June and July despite not putting any phone model among the ten most popular.

Samsung is the best-selling smartphone brand around the world. This is confirmed by the latest Market Pulse by Counterpoint . However, Apple no longer ranks second.

The Cupertino firm has been outsold in world sales during the months of June and July by China’s Huawei . And it is not ruled out that the same thing happened again in August.

“This achievement represents a very significant milestone for Huawei,” said Peter Richardson, chief research officer at Counterpoint, adding that it is “the largest smartphone brand in China and a company with an increasingly prominent global presence. This tells a lot about the capacity of this company, which mainly is dedicated to the provision of network infrastructures, about its growth in the segment of mobile terminals over the last three or four years, “he says.

Richardson believes that “Huawei has achieved a global reach thanks to its constant investments in R & D and manufacturing, as well as important marketing campaigns and the great expansion of its sales channel . 

But there are also challenges that Huawei has to face. “Lower presence in South Asia, India and North America, limits Huawei’s growth potential in the short / medium term,” he said, “holding a second place behind Samsung.” And this company “depends to a large extent on its local market in China, where it is in a position of leadership, as well as markets focused on operators, such as those in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.”

Also, for the moment, the iPhone are still the best-selling smartphone models . The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus led sales in July. Oppo, Samsung and Xiaomi terminals also appear in the top 10.

“Although Huawei has managed to climb to the second place in the world on a general scale, it is surprising that none of its models is among the top 10 sellers,” said Pavel Naiya, senior analyst. “This is due to the wide portfolio that has, but lacks a truly outstanding device. A broad portfolio allows Huawei to fight on multiple fronts, but not long ago to create brand recognition in general, something that Huawei needs to a great extent if it continues to increase its market share. ”