These are the great branches of technology that will be put at the service of companies in 2018.

The closeness of the new year leads to different analyzes about what have been the major revelations or events of each sector for 2017 and what can be expected by 2018, a trend that covers, as is logical, also the field of technology . Being as it is a transversal discipline, with multiple applications in other sectors, sometimes it is necessary to distinguish between its different uses.

Thus, the ChatBot Chocolate chatbots agency has carried out a study that determines the five technological trends that will have the greatest application in business environments in 2018. They will be artificial intelligence, bot pickup, use of voice interfaces, expansion of the IoT and blockchain .

If the generic predictions point to the fact that machine learning will live a good moment in its mother branch, artificial intelligence will not be less. The relevance that this type of technologies will have in the companies will be key for the decision making, especially in what refers to getting customers.

About the use of bots , the company foresees that a quantitative and qualitative jump will take place, popularizing its use for automatable tasks when communicating with customers. In addition, chatbots will assimilate and enhance the use of voice interfaces as one of the functionalities by which to simplify their use.

The Internet of Things is one of the trends that have been emerging in recent years, both in its application at home and at the level of city organization or its application in industries such as the automotive industry. Also in 2018 will see a boom in business uses, facilitating the use of certain objects thanks to its connectivity.

Finally, the one that has been consolidated as one of the revolutions of 2017 will continue its expansion in 2018. The blockchain will live an important moment thanks to the wide variety of its business uses, beyond the financial and banking sector