An Oracle study reveals that half of the companies will operate their cloud business by 2020. By Susana Martínez, Oracle Ibérica’s business cloud development director.

Climb or not to the cloud . That is the great dilemma to which, in the digital era, some organizations are still facing in every corner of the planet. Despite having more than a decade of existence, for some companies, the cloud remains an unexplored option, knowing where and how its infrastructures, data and applications, or the complexities of migration processes will be accommodated, can be some of the barriers to overcome to make the leap.

The facts demonstrate, however, that the companies that have introduced cloud in their business processes, are obtaining remarkable benefits. They are saving costs and reducing complexity, which is undoubtedly the first catalyst of the jump, discover that the cloud drives innovation clearly, which has a very positive impact on business success and customer satisfaction.

This is particularly true in the case of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). According to a study by Oracle , (You and IaaS: learning from the success of early adopters ) almost half of the companies surveyed (44%) operate almost all of your business on cloud infrastructure by 2020. The reasons are clear and forceful: it encourages innovation and improves performance. In fact, the bulk of the professionals consulted agree that IaaS will play a major role in companies in just three years. Only 10% of respondents believe that IaaS will play a small role in business development.

What is certain is that the old negative perceptions about security, complexity and the possible loss of control of the cloud infrastructure have been mitigated, giving way to a more positive attitude, which is opening the door to the necessary and unstoppable digital transformation.

The work, conducted by Longitude Research and Oraclebased on responses from more than 1,600 technology professionals in Australia, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea and the United Kingdom, indicates that it is easier to innovate with IaaS. In fact, 66% of respondents say cloud infrastructure has enabled them to innovate more easily and also reduce the time to deploy new applications or services. Around 65% of the respondents indicated that the implementation of IaaS has allowed to cut the costs of maintenance and almost 60% of the participants in the work warns that if the companies do not invest in this technology will have difficult in the current scenario entrepreneurialism, marked by globalization and fierce competition.

The use of IaaS shows that the more it is used, the more vital it is for business development.

In this sense, the investigation ensures that experienced users are almost twice as likely to argue that IaaS provides greater operational performance in terms of availability, uptime and speed. Not forgetting that the jump to IaaS is not without difficulties, almost 65% of the professionals who have experienced it, proved to be easier than they anticipated.

You just have to know all that IaaS can offer to want to adopt it. That is why those who resist change must challenge their own paralyzing perceptions and start adopting a tool that will allow them to renew and innovate, before all their competitors do.