The MIT-IBM Watson lab will get an investment of $ 240 million over ten years.

IBM continues with its plans of impulse of Watson, its greater bet. The Blue Giant has just announced the creation of a research laboratory to bring the maximum potential to artificial intelligence . It will do so with a luxury partner, MIT, along with who will investigate the potential of this technology.

The collaboration will last 10 years and will have an investment of 240 million dollars.

As stated in the official communiqué published by both parties more than 100 scientists, teachers and students will work in areas such as algorithm development, hardware and applications of artificial intelligence. The goal is also, they say, to look at how technology can benefit society and businesses.

The agreement also foresees the impulse of training of companies focused on the commercialization of products and technologies that are born in the laboratory.

For the president of MIT, an entity that has been using the term artificial intelligence since the 1950s , this type of collaboration is what originates “real advances … that help solve important challenges.”

From IBM, John Kelly, senior vice president of the Cognitive Solutions and Research division, highlights “the incredible growth and progress over the last decade” of artificial intelligence. ” The collaboration , he believes, “will lead the field of artificial intelligence for the next decade .