The Blue Giant has confirmed a $ 240 million investment for the recently announced MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

Artificial intelligence is one of the fields with special projection in the technological industry. To further its research, IBM has announced that it will collaborate with MIT through the new MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab .

This lab will be co-chaired by AI & IBM Q Vice President for IBM Research and the Dean of the MIT Engineering School. That is, by Dario Gil and Anantha P. Chandrakasan. And it will take advantage of the talent of a large group of professionals. It is estimated that more than a hundred scientists, professors and students will participate in joint research between IBM and MIT, in the Research Lab that the Blue Giant holds in Cambridge and the neighboring MIT campus.

To do this, IBM has confirmed that it will invest 240 million dollars , giving rise to one of the largest collaborations between the education sector and the industry that are remembered in artificial intelligence.

The research will be aimed at both hardware and software and algorithms to deep learning and other areas. IBM and MIT will explore the economic and ethical implicationsof artificial intelligence. And partners will also seek to increase their impact on health and cybersecurity .

On the other hand, it is intended that MIT professors and students be involved in companies that commercialize the inventions developed in the laboratory. Scientists should also end up releasing open source material.