The so-called “strategic imperatives” of the Blue Giant represent almost half of their total income.

IBM has shelved 2017 with the presentation of the results of its fourth quarter, and also of the results for the whole year in general.

As has been revealed, during the last three months has managed to improve their income by 4%, to a total of 22,500 million dollars. Here it is worth specifying that revenues from strategic imperatives grew by 17%.

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“Our revenues from strategic imperatives again grew at a double-digit rate and now represent 46% of our total revenues,” confirms Ginni Rometty, president and CEO of IBM, adding that “we are satisfied with our overall revenue growth during the trimester”.

In addition, revenues for analytics, mobile, cloud and security have also gone up during the fourth quarter, growing by 9%, 23%, 30% and 132%, respectively.

By segments, the distribution of revenues was about 9.2 billion for Technology Services & Cloud Platforms, 5.4 billion for Cognitive Solutions, 4.200 million for Global Business Services, 3.3 billion for Systems and 450 million for Global Financing.

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In terms of benefits, non-GAAP earnings per share were $ 5.18 , while at the GAAP level , due to continuing operations, there were losses of $ 1.14 .

Those earnings were $ 13.80 non-GAAP and $ 6.14 GAAP for the entire year. Meanwhile, IBM’s 2017 fiscal year revenue fell 1% to $ 79.1 billion.

Rometty emphasizes that “during 2017, we strengthened our position as a leading provider of business cloud” and that “we also established IBM as a blockchain leader for business. Looking ahead, “he says,” we are in a unique position to help customers use data and artificial intelligence to build smarter businesses. ”

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