The new chip of the New York company is oriented to computers and the cloud and is also available to third parties.

IBM has just launched its new processing chip designed to meet the demands of software used in artificial intelligence services and ‘machine learning’ .

Dubbed Power9, it will be available in both the IBM cloud and external vendors and cloud services companies such as Google, which will use them in their data centers to improve the performance of their applications.

On the other hand, IBM is using Power9 in its suite of PowerAI Distributed Deep Learningtools , PowerAI , Linux and several frameworks for deep learning.

Also, the company led by Virginia Rometty has revealed that the Power9 chip will also be included in its new AC922 servers and will integrate PCI-Express 4.0 , as well as the second generation of NVIDIA NVLink and OpenCapi.

Thanks to the commitment to these technologies, the new chip will be able to increase bandwidth and performance in the movement of data , two key aspects for large companies working in the field of artificial intelligence.

Finally, it must be pointed out that Power9 will be the basis of the “Summit” and “Sierra” supercomputers being built by the United States Department of Energy.