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Since 1993, the Blue Giant has added about 105,000 patents to its portfolio. More than 9,000 correspond to the year 2017 recently closed.

There is no novelty in the leadership on patents. IBM has once again, once again, been the company with the largest number of patent registrations.

In 2017 , the Blue Giant obtained 9,043 new patents from 8,500 scientists, engineers and developers from 47 different countries.

Since 1993, it has added some 105,000 patents to its portfolio with “transformative ideas that range from secure credit card transactions, procedures for guiding people with visual disabilities using RFID, the world’s fastest supercomputers and earthquake detectors,” as highlighted its responsible

In 2017, around 1,900 patents linked to the cloud were added, some 1,400 related to artificial intelligence and another 1,200 related to cybersecurity . Patents have also been registered for quantum computing or blockchain technology , among others.

“For 25 years,” says Ginni Rometty, president of the US company, “IBM’s patent creation leadership has modified the world’s operation, with far-reaching advances for the modern era of computing.”

“Today,” he continues, “almost half of our patents are pioneering advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and quantum computing, with the goal of helping all of our clients create smarter businesses.”

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