IBM is launching the next generation of its Z system, which focuses on data protection, a matter of “market sensitivity.”

“The Z system has past, present and future.” So of course has Germán Sánchez, STG Server Solutions Brand manager for IBM Espala, Portugal, Greece and Israel. Although they could be timeless statements, the truth is that they have a great sense of timeliness.

IBM has just introduced the new z14 system, the next-generation mainframe that focuses on data protection. The main claim of z14 is the incorporation of an encryption engine capable of encrypting everything ; any data associated with any service in the cloud, external device, database or application.

The novelty, explains the executive, each processor of the z14 has a coprocessor that is dedicated to encrypt , which guarantees the data encryption without this affecting the performance of the system.

Security is undoubtedly the pillar to which the Blue Giant wanted to play the most role. And not so much by the latest news on security breaches and massive data theft , as Equifax.

“When we launch a system we listen to the market and we respond”, however and in this particular case, “we already had the system developed when Wannacry happened”, exemplifies Sánchez. ” The issue of security has always been a concern. There is sensitivity in the market in this sense, “he reveals.

As he explained in a telephone conversation with ComputerWorld , the reception in the market is very positive. And there is one factor that is especially favoring. “The subject of GDPR is drawing attention and arousing interest” in the system, he comments. And is that the legal framework provided in the General Regulation of Data Protection or GDPR, requires companies to notify authorities and users about a data theft.

But if there is a gap and all data is encrypted companies are not required to report it.

Asked about the future of the mainframe, Germán Sánchez has no doubt. When a platform survives so long (the mainframe just turned 50) it is because it has a strong DNA, it defends. ” It is a technology that is not seen on the street , as with smartphones and PCs,” but its validity and importance “are beyond doubt.”

And the data support. 87% of all credit card transactions go through a Z.

The mainframe is officially launched in the next few days. Customers who have a previous generation system will be able to update and maintain the same asset. “The protection of the investment is assured”.