And 85% will enjoy LTE coverage, according to Ericsson forecasts

By the year 2023 there should be 1 billion mobile broadband subscriptions in the world . And the coverage of this technology should reach more than 20% of the population .

This is what Ericsson foresees in its Mobility Report , where it is also estimated that mobile data traffic will end up multiplying by eight and will exceed 100 exabytes each month. The reason? Mainly video consumption, whose participation in mobile data traffic is 48%. But you also have to take into account social networks and audio files.

Another cause lies in the power of Millennials, who spend many time viewing streamingcontent . And that streaming , in addition, is gaining in resolution and more immersive formats, such as videos in 360 degrees.

As for LTE , in 2023 there will be 5,500 million subscriptions . In terms of coverage, it will reach 85% of the world’s population . And VoLTE technology will equal more than 80% of LTE and 5G subscriptions.