Oracle’s Road to Big Data event, held in Barcelona, ​​shows the best way to convert isolated data into relevant information for business development.

Oracle held its  Road to Big Data meeting  where entrepreneurs and representatives of public institutions came together to design a strategy that allows them to take full advantage of the power of the data stored in their information systems, so that they can reduce expenses, generate greater benefits and, above all, open a window to innovation. The event, composed of customer experiences, best practices, technical sessions and demo area.

Big Data applied to the business

Applying the Big Data capabilities to the business is, nowadays, the most appropriate formula to obtain knowledge of the data, a monetizable knowledge that generates economic benefit for the company; It allows to personalize the information according to the needs of the clients; facilitates the management of assets (IoT, for example) and promotes compliance with legality, avoiding fraud, or attracting talent through the use of artificial intelligence.

In addition to these possibilities, there are others already reached by a number of companies, such as Telefónica España or Caixabank, which have presented Big Data projects developed by Oracle at the event Both companies have proven that a good Big Data strategy is capable of giving a differential and incremental value to the company.

Michael Connaughton,  Head of Analytics & Big Data, EMEA , highlighted that “the transformation of the business starts from the analysis of data. Since everything around us is connected, an ecosystem of connected people, interlinked data and linked machines has been created. ” Connaughton revealed how business benefits can be achieved through the creative use of optimized information management and analysis. “Companies must be ‘data driven’ because knowing how to search for data and interpreting them is the basis for knowing what may happen in the future,” said the manager.