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Innova-tsn, analytical innovation and Big Data


Innova-TSN , specialized in offering its customers integrated solutions in the field of business intelligence company, has won first place in EMEA and seventh worldwide in the KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY AND DATA MINING – KDD Cup 2017, the Cup Analytics world , behind Microsoft China and five Chinese companies, home country of one of the main sponsor of the cup, the multinational Alibaba.

The case proposed by the organization of the KDD Cup 2017, was directly related to the prediction of traffic flows of toll motorways in China . The ultimate goal was to provide traffic managers with evidence-based preventive measures and to pave the way for a holistic and realistic solution to traffic bottlenecks.

In order to develop the solution of the proposed exercise, Innova-tsn formed a team of specialists who have worked on several lines of modeling , creating new variables and testing different techniques to predict the average time spent on a road segment and the volume of vehicles passing through different toll points. In the 2017 edition, Innova-tsn competed with 434 groups of analysts and engineers from all corners of the world.