The company begins to show suggestions for posts, even if it is not connected to the user, based on the tastes of accounts that are followed.

Important change in the Instagram feed . The social network specializing in images has implemented a new functionality, which makes users appear a series of personalized recommended publications  of unrelated accounts .

This is explained by the company itself in an update of its help, which details the operation of this new application. As you move through the cover, these recommended posts will appear, which are suggestions based on the publications that you have given me like accounts to which the user follows. Hence the part of being personalized for each person on the platform.

At the moment, Instagram gives the option to hide the posts , although what is described in the help seems to be a temporary possibility and in the not too distant future all users will be doomed to see these suggestions.

According to TechCrunch , this change was introduced this month in the form of tests, although now it is being widely implemented. It will be displayed as a section of personalized recommendations, ” Recommended for you “, to distinguish it from the main feed and will contain three to five publications.

Instagram had previously included a similar modality of suggested content, but until now it had clearly differentiated it from the cover page in which the images and videos of the accounts appear, which are followed by the fact that these publications are limited to the search tab.

The movement of the social network is reminiscent of the platform of which it is owned. Facebook also includes suggestions for publications that they believe may be of interest to the user in the wall of each account. For Instagram, it is an important change, which separates it from the more closed contact model that it has established to date.