Small businesses using the Bigcommerce eCommerce platform will have access to this Instagram feature from today.

Property purchases in publications of Instagram has taken another step in its gradual release, since its inception last November. Small businesses using the Bigcommerce e-commerce platform will now have access to this feature, Bigcomerce announced today. At present, only US-based companies can enjoy it.

Traders who use purchases in Instagram publications will also have access to social network analytics , including how many people viewed their product information or clicked on their product page.

Click-through links are not allowed in posts, so shopping labels are the fastest way for e-retailers to take their followers on Instagram to their stores.

Instagram , which has 800 million active monthly users, began testing the purchase tags last November , offering them to 20 US retail brands. Instead of taking a commission on the sale price, Instagram plans to monetize the feature by letting business accounts pay to show their purchases in photos to users who do not follow them, according to TechCrunch .

In this sense, the potential of Bigcommerce is important. The service platform currently serves about 50,000 small and medium-sized enterprises, 2,000 medium-sized companies and more than 25 companies present in the Fortune 1000 index.