The system could allow consumers to pay for entertainment services and retail purchases using 5G.

In a sample of several technologies enabled for 5G this week, Intel and Foxconn have demonstrated how facial recognition capabilities can be used to make payments.

Both companies have used Asia Pacific Telecom’s mobile network for demonstrations .

Such “facial identification payment” technology could allow consumers to make payments for entertainment services and retail purchases using  Intel’s 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) solution along with advanced facial recognition and intelligence technology artificial (IA).

“The facial recognition and MEC systems used in smart retail can complete the payment authentication process in 0.03 seconds,” said Intel.

This reduces the risk of personal information leaks and credit card fraud . It is expected that facial recognition will be introduced in a variety of industries as a means of payment authentication, without the need for cash or credit cards.

“The capacity of computing and evaluation of low latency and high speed allows the system to deliver the computer result in real time to achieve a superior experience for the client,” both companies have specified.

According to Intel, the MEC solution involves servers that are installed in several locations  that are then monitored and managed through a centralized MEC controller. Wireless and wired access options are supported, ensuring Intel’s flexibility.

Intel and Foxconn have also demonstrated use cases of facial recognition in residential and office access control centers , as well as in virtual shopping centers.